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No.119, Nandawon Street (Off Old Yaethar Shae Road), Bahan Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar

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Monday - Sunday
8:30 am - 8:30 pm

Welcome to Jana Mon

Jana Mon is a restaurant started by Shan Mu, a young female entrepreneur.

Jana Mon is a restaurant started by Shan Mu, a young female entrepreneur. Being born and raised in Mon State, Myanmar, when she moved to Yangon she missed her home deeply.

She started to make meals for her and her local Mon Community in Yangon as a way to cure her homesickness and to share her culture with her friends. Words started to spread about her dishes so more and more people came to visit her. So many more people started to visit that she had to convert her apartment on the 2nd floor into a little food shop. And still, people kept coming and coming, craving the fresh, herbaceous and spicy flavors of her Mon dishes. So much so that she had to move to a larger location! Her husband, Aung Myo Paing, supporting Shan Mu's passion project, serves as the COO and Restuarant Manager in his free time for the Jana Mon locations.

Locals, tourists, expats, essentially everyone are now visiting to try the authentic Mon dishes prepared by Shan Mu and Aung Myo Paing and their incredibly talented staff.

Jana Mon now has opened its 2nd shop at 7-Mile Residence which is open for events, private functions, business lunches, you name it.

Despite Jana Mon's evolution since our humble beginnings in 2016, one thing has always remained the same and constant. That is our focus to fresh, high-quality ingredients and serving authentic Mon meals. No matter whether it is for private dining, community events, or formal functions, we promise to always serve only the best for our guests. We look forward to welcoming you at one of our locations.

Spaghetti Noddle / Asia Soft Bread w/ Country Style Cuisine

Chicken / Beef / Prawn with Vege Dipping Sauce, Soup & Grilled Banana

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Liam Anderson
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Liam Anderson
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Liam Anderson
Assistant Chef
Liam Anderson